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Online Strategy. Get More Clicks, ROI With Social Media & SEO

How do you get more targeted visitors clicking to your site using social networks, blogs and SEO? And once they get there, what exactly do you want them to do? Shop at your e-commerce store? Donate? Become fans? You need an online strategy.

As a website designer and usability expert, I’ve been helping businesses with their online strategy for over 10 years – since before most users switched from dial-up to high speed Internet.

That’s why I know how to help you use Web 2.0 tools and capabilities to improve the effectiveness of your online presence. I’ll show you the options, from Facebook and Twitter to blogs and Google tools. And I can also help you understand where to focus your budget so you get maximum return on investment.

When the initial consultations for the online strategy are done, you get a a clearly-defined web project plan sculpted to meet your business needs, timeline and budget.