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Web Design. Get a Great User Experience & Boost Brand

A great looking website helps promote your brand toward your target audience. An efficient web design helps visitors click through to take actions that you want them to take. And I can design this kind of website for you.

Front-end web design happens before we get to the web coding stage. Whether we’re adapting a WordPress theme or coding from scratch in HTML, XHTML, JavaScript (jQuery, mostly), PHP MySQL or Coldfusion, you want to see how the design will work for you. When I deliver a web design to match your content, you’ll see how it all comes together into an SEO-friendly package.

Website Design.

I design websites with industry standards and best practices in mind. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years for financial institutions, businesses and non-profits. I’ve got the experience you can trust.

Web Application Design.

More businesses are using web applications in addition to websites. They can help build a company’s brand, differentiate them from competitors and give your target audience a great user experience.

Usability Analysis.

Whether you need a new website or are looking at re-launching your existing site, usability must be a priority. I outline the tasks you want your website users to perform. Each task is given a usability test to see if visitors are really going to take action. As well, I analyze competitors’ website usability. The final Usability Analysis report has recommendations to make your site user-friendly.